• 1 Artificial Intelligence
    Mimicking human intelligence on machines
  • 1 Machine Learning
    Constructing intelligent systems that can learn from data
  • 1 Time Series Analysis
    Using machine learning techniques to model, analyze, and forecast time series


Dr. Zaw Zaw Htike Welcome to my website!

This website is meant for my students to interact with me and acquire course materials, lecture notes, and course work marks. This website is also for my prospective postgraduate students to get to know about me. I warmly welcome postgraduate students who want to pursue postgraduate degrees with research topics that require machine learning techniques. Please contact me if you want me to supervise your research projects. I can be your supervisor whether you are going for an honors degree (final year project), Master's degree or a Ph.D. I can also act as an external supervisor across different institutions. My primary research interests lie in the areas of applications of machine learning techniques in various fields and disciplines such as robotics, computer vision, image processing, manufacturing, chemical engineering, biochemistry, finance, economics, biomedical sciences, and health sciences. I love solving world's most challenging problems. I am fond of collaborative research. Therefore, I welcome collaborators from various disciplines. I also have a strong desire to turn my conceptual research ideas to tangible products that truly serve the humanity. I warmly welcome consultation requests from the industry. Feel free to contact me.


Dr. Zaw Zaw Htike
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Engineering
International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)



Ectopic Eyes Function Without Natural Connection to Brain

For the first time, scientists have shown that transplanted eyes located far outside the head in a vertebrate animal model can confer vision without a direct neural connection to the brain...Biologists at Tufts University School of Arts and Sciences used a frog model to shed new light....


Georgia Tech Robots Learn Deceptive Behaviors from Squirrels

Deception can be a difficult thing for robots, because it's dependent on understanding how someone else (or something else) is thinking. In other words, if you're going to fool someone, you have to be able to imagine how they're going to interpret and react to your actions...


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